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GOOD NEWS! .... All plays are royalty free!  No script rental! That's right, you may perform any play purchased from this site at no cost. Scripts are low budget, low cost, low price, inexpensive, and royalty free. Videotaping and photographing is allowed for making copies for your cast or YouTube. Just don't sell it without publisher's permission.  Spread the word about AfricanAmericanChildrenPlays.com   


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Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
  • Motivate Children to Excellence!

  • Excellent For Black History Month and More ...

  • 15 Easy to Produce Scripts

  • Children love performing these fun plays

If you are ..... 

  • looking for children plays for a special program or cultural event like Kwanzaa or Black History Month

  • needing scripts that are positive and upbeat that children will enjoy performing,  

  • tired of the old children's plays African American children simple cannot relate to

  • needing help to encourage children develop a deeper pride and understanding of their culture. 

  • planning a children's play or summer workshop. 

  • teaching children to speak up and dissolve the fear of public speaking.

"Positive African American Plays for Children"  will show you how to produce successful plays that closely identify with the surroundings and environment of children.  And a whole more.